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Frequently Asked Questions About TTOCing

Per Collective Agreement Article B.2, on the 4th day of consecutive work, you would move to scale. This is retroactive back to day one.

Per Collective Agreement Article B. 2, no but you pay into your pension, and have access to SIP, vacation pay, and $3/day in lieu of benefits payable. You are entitled to purchase extended health or dental coverage if desired.

As per alterations to Employment Standards 2022, TTOCs who have worked the minimum requirement are entitled to five (5) days.

No. If the teacher you are replacing has prep time and has left you work to complete, you are entitled to that prep time. You can be reassigned during that prep if no work is left by the teacher you are replacing.

Per Collective Agreement Article C 2.3, all teaching time spent on scale accumulates towards seniority. However, the seniority is only applied after you achieve a continuing contract.

Pension, Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Salary Indemnity Plan, BCTF Dues, MRTA Dues, to name a few.

Yes, contact your local Employment Insurance office for further details, and attend the annual year-end meeting sponsored by SD42, which is offered to prepare teachers for this process.

You can log into the SD42 website to retrieve your details. You might also contact the SD42 TTOC desk.


Yes! TTOCs can access both the Joint Professional Development Fund (to potentially cover workshop registration fees, hotel, travel costs, meals, etc.) Email Kelly at the MRTA office (kelly@mrtaoffice.ca) for details.

Questions About Temporary Contracts

Twenty (20) days without break (unless due to accident, illness, statutory holidays, or non-instructional days).

You will receive a Confirmation of Assignment from the DEO. If you feel you should have received a confirmation, please contact HR.

You will receive full benefits for full-time contract work for temporary assignments of five (5) months or more; it is prorated coverage to FTE worked in the contract.

Yes. Full-time temporary contracts accrue fifteen (15) days per ten (10) months worked (i.e. 1.5 accrued per month). It is prorated if working part-time or FTE equivalent of time taught (prorated).

Only upon expiry of a temporary contract and you have not secured another contract after a prolonged break (e.g. after winter or summer break).

No. You are able to gain status after ten (10) months full-time equivalent work. If you work this minimum requirement while in the continuing status contract, the job becomes yours.

Collective Agreement Documents

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Provincial Collective
Agreement 2022-2025

Provincial Collective
Agreement 2019-2022

Local Matters
Agreement – Feb 2022

Salary Grid Information

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SD42 Salary
Grid – July 1, 2016

SD42 Salary
Grid – May 1, 2018

SD42 Salary
Grid – July 1, 2017

SD42 Salary
Grids 2019-2021

MRTA Constitution & Bylaws

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MRTA Constitution
+ Bylaws

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